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Clinton Township Residents DID NOT VOTE for large scale commercial marijuana dispensaries to be put near our schools and homes!

Approving Commercialized, Large Scale Marijuana businesses will increase the influence of the drug in our community, further normalizing marijuana use to our students, and increasing their access to it.


Youth marijuana use has many proven negative consequences, including damage to the developing brain, academic underachievement and school drop-out, addiction, and mental health issues. (National Institute on Drug Abuse)


While these enterprises will be in Clinton Township, we are concerned that they will negatively affect our students in both Clinton and Macomb Townships.



(Data suggests that approval of commercial marijuana business in one area of a community opens the door to approval in other areas.)

   Area One – South of M-59 (Hall Road), west of Gratiot, extending approximately 1/2 mile south, and ending 1/10 of a mile east of Elizabeth Rd (at Maddelein St) This area has potential to negatively affect district schools in both Clinton and Macomb Townships.


Area Two -  16 Mile and Groesbeck This area is within 2 miles of the following schools St. Thecla Catholic School, Algonquin Middle School, Clinton Valley Elementary, Walt Disney Elementary, and Clintondale Middle School


Area Three - A triangular area with boundaries including Groesbeck and Kelly, and that run past 15 Mile up to the Consumers Facility. This area has potential to negatively affect the following schools that are within 2 miles of this location.  Jonas Salk Elementary, Walt Disney​ Elementary, Rainbow Elementary, St. Thecla Catholic School, Clintondale Middle School.

 Information from other states, e.g. Colorado and Washington State, indicate that commercialized marijuana operations anywhere in a community affect youth – normalizing use, providing more access, and increasing use and addiction.

Some Facts Related to Marijuana Use:

The 2018 Michigan Profile for Health Youth Survey (of 7th, 9th, and 11th graders), conducted across the state every 2 years, was administered to our district students.

Those Chippewa Valley Schools students that reported using marijuana were MORE THAN TWICE AS LIKELY to report "D"/"F" grades.


Chippewa Valley's student PERCEPTION THAT USING MARIJUANA IS HARMFUL has continued to decline markedly over the years since marijuana was legalized. 

  • Results of the district's survey showed an average 7% DECREASE in our students’ perception that using marijuana is harmful since the 2016 survey.

  • Similar to other school districts, Chippewa Valley Schools 9th and 11th graders showed an INCREASE (average 5%) in past 30 day USE of the drug since taking the survey 2 years prior.

  • The average age of first-time marijuana use is declining to about 12 years old, similar to reports from other school districts.


We have conducted Focus Groups with about 100 district high school students and the following themes emerged:

·        Marijuana use is safe - "It's just a plant and used for medicine."

·        Marijuana is easily accessible - "Anyone, 18 years old, can get a medical marijuana card and then they sell/give it to younger kids."

·        Vaping marijuana and use of highly potent edibles is increasing - "Vaping makes it even safer or eating marijuana makes it even safer."


In the past few years, we have enhanced marijuana prevention programming for our 5th graders, as those who deliver the programs, including police officers report the children's increased focus on marijuana and confusion about the dangers of its use, including idea that marijuana is "medicine" and safe.

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